I Picked One.

So, i thought that it was interesting to answer The Daily Post‘s post, the Pick Your Gadget.


My answer is the anywhere doors. Obviously, i picked it so i will be able to go anywhere. I am a frustrated adventurer (also one of my frustrations). I’d love going everywhere. I love being everywhere. I love being in an adventure. I just can’t do it because of the budget needed to go to the places i want. If i am able to have this “anywhere door/s”, i would be able to go to wherever i want without thinking of the fare needed for the travel. I’d LOVE to have it.


Simple explanation but seriously, i am feeling excited while writing this. Haha. Weird right? Maybe because i am a frustrated blogger and i am wanting somebody to be interested to my blogs. Or just have an interest to read it. Whatever! I’m done here. Adios! 😉 


7 thoughts on “I Picked One.

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  6. I think I would pick “anywhere doors” too! I share your love of adventure, but don’t get to indulge in it often enough. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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