Have a Break. Have a Kitkat? ;)

Today, i took a break from work.

From the place i was imprisoned. Charot. Haha.

But seriously, having this break makes me feel good and free (although im sick. hehe). Having this fever today may be a sign that i should have time for myself. Time to have a rest even for a while. Today, i give my time on my hobbies that i am not able to do everyday because of being busy. Singing, dancing, blogging, drawing (i’ll bring out my creativeness in me!), eating (especially chocolates!!! pizzas and burgers XD) and ofcourse, falling asleep while watching TV (one of my favorites! :D). Who doesn’t want time to do this all? 😀

Now im hoping for more times like this where in times, i just enjoy doing nothing and sleeping.

Happy Long Weekend to me! XD