Disclaimer: My POV only.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who made fun of my feelings. To the man who took advantage of my weakness. To the man who made me wait for nothing. To the man who didn’t even love me as much as i did. To the man who i had an unrequited love with. Who made it look like there was nothing between us. Who thought i had too much braveness inside me to endure this situation. Who made me realize that there is a negative side on being strong. Who let me hear such sweet flowery words. Who made me feel beautiful for a atleast short period of time. Who made me feel like someone loves me the way i love them and to the man who made me realize that believing and having faith in him is ALL WRONG. 

Everything i felt was wrong. Because now i know that he is like that to everyone. Not just me. And now i realize that he was just waiting for someone to catch his bait. And someone did. To that someone, i must say, good luck. Good luck in maintaining what you two have. I really wish you the best. No sarcasm intended.

I’m not angry or anything. At 1st, yes, i was. But i just don’t want it to ruin everything in me. Because in the first place, i knew something was off. But still i took the risk. Because why not, right? It may be worth taking that risk. And the risk is now here. And that means it was not worth it. But yeah, thank you for making me feel this. This feeling i had been avoiding for almost 4 years. I should’ve followed my instinct. But i did not. I’ve taken care of myself for 4 years. Making myself avoid of a situation like this. But i was not good enough. Maybe somehow i should be reminded of the feeling. But i won’t dwell on this like the old time. I’m a lady now.

So thank you for reminding me how i really hate having this kind of feeling.