Movie Insight : Inside Out




Decided to watch the movie Inside Out.

Which I actually have no intention on watching. I don’t know, watching the trailer doesn’t made me want to watch it.

But after some friends told me that  the movie was good, i told myself, maybe i have to give it a try.


October 11, 2015

Sunday. FamDay.

A day to relax.


Home sweetie Home.

(Widely Smiling)

How it goes:

The movie was great. I did not really see that coming. Haha. I thought the movie is going to be like the other Disney Movies. Too mainstream & too, you know. I can’t explain it. Although there are Disney movies i cannot admit i like and cried too. Hahaha.

The movie gives lessons that most children who watched it, i bet, didn’t really get. The lessons of the movie, i think, is for us. Us, adults. I realized that we don’t always need to be happy. We shouldn’t force our self to be happy if we’re not. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to feel disgust, it’s ok to be angry, etc. We have the right to feel what we want to feel. We have to feel a little sadness at times to realize things we do not realize when we are happy. We have to feel a little scared to drive our self to do more of what we can do best. We have to feel a little disgust not for the sake of being “pabebe” or being fussy, but to protect ourselves to the things we think is not going to do good to us. And we have to feel a little anger for us not to be full of it and not sudden burst in anger or in short, in order to somehow control our feeling in situations.

All in all, the movie was really great. It would be a dismay if i did not watch it. I’m really glad i did. Thank you to my friends. 🙂


There are things worth trying for, even if you didn’t like it first.

Nothing will be lost if we try. It will actually lead us to experiences which we will learn from.


When a Man Cry.

Today, i thought of manly tears.


It is really rare to see a man cry. If they cry, expect that it is really something serious.


Crying does not mean you’re weak. It means that you have a heart.


We know that men are born with big PRIDES. They don’t want others to see their weaknesses. They don’t want others to see them crying. If they cry, they make sure they’re alone. Crying has always been a sign femininity. Men also keep to themselves their problems. They rarely share it to someone. Men are also like sponges. They just keep on absorbing and it’s unusual to them to let it out.


If a man shared something personal about them to you and also cried in front of you, regardless of your gender (actually guys rarely cry or share something with their bro’s), it simply means that they TRUST you. And you don’t have to do something special to make them feel better. You just have to make them feel that you are with them. That  you are just there for them for that time. That you’re there to support them. That you are there and willing to listen to them. Don’t ask them what the problem is. If they feel the need to talk about it, it will come out from them naturally. The fact that they feel remembered and cared about is the greatest unspoken comfort one can provide (by Micelight). Men don’t cry often, and even when they feel like doing it, they often try to hold it in anyways (by HumanSockPuppet).


I have read a nice article. And i wanted to share it. Here’s the link.

Do Women Find A Crying Man Attractive Or A Turn Off?

And my favorite line there is this: “If you are man enough to cry, real women who are secure about themselves will find you very, very sexy when you express your own feminine energy. A man who is more sensitive, tender, compassionate, sympathetic and basically communicates that he’s “only human” is not a weak man but an “ideal/REAL man”.”


Just wanna share:

I prefer having boy friends. And I find it cool and awesome.

Most of my boy friends find it easy and comfortable to talk with me. I actually don’t know why. Some of my friends already cried about something to me. Some also shared something personal to me too. And it all made me feel that i am trustworthy. It also made me feel that i am one of their “good friends”. Haha. Just sharing.


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