Movie Insight : Inside Out




Decided to watch the movie Inside Out.

Which I actually have no intention on watching. I don’t know, watching the trailer doesn’t made me want to watch it.

But after some friends told me that  the movie was good, i told myself, maybe i have to give it a try.


October 11, 2015

Sunday. FamDay.

A day to relax.


Home sweetie Home.

(Widely Smiling)

How it goes:

The movie was great. I did not really see that coming. Haha. I thought the movie is going to be like the other Disney Movies. Too mainstream & too, you know. I can’t explain it. Although there are Disney movies i cannot admit i like and cried too. Hahaha.

The movie gives lessons that most children who watched it, i bet, didn’t really get. The lessons of the movie, i think, is for us. Us, adults. I realized that we don’t always need to be happy. We shouldn’t force our self to be happy if we’re not. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to feel disgust, it’s ok to be angry, etc. We have the right to feel what we want to feel. We have to feel a little sadness at times to realize things we do not realize when we are happy. We have to feel a little scared to drive our self to do more of what we can do best. We have to feel a little disgust not for the sake of being “pabebe” or being fussy, but to protect ourselves to the things we think is not going to do good to us. And we have to feel a little anger for us not to be full of it and not sudden burst in anger or in short, in order to somehow control our feeling in situations.

All in all, the movie was really great. It would be a dismay if i did not watch it. I’m really glad i did. Thank you to my friends. 🙂


There are things worth trying for, even if you didn’t like it first.

Nothing will be lost if we try. It will actually lead us to experiences which we will learn from.