Finding my way back.

I find it hard to understand why people change.
Why they can’t be the way they use to be.
I know change is constant.  But is it necessary?

Until now,  that me,  myself experience this. I notice that I’ve  changed a bit. I’m not the person that i knew. And it seems  that everything’s not the way they used to be. And everything’s not ok.

I used to like everything that surrounds me. But lately,  i don’t  know whay happened. I was once so patient about everything. I really don’t rush things. But now, sigh. Lately I am so sensitive and emotional lately. Which is not so me.

I am the type of person who always tries to understand as long as i could. But why can’t i do it now that i need it badly?

I am really not ok with this change. I am feeling down. Is it because i am stressed and burnt out? How will i become the person i was before? Do i need help? Can somebody help me? Is there someone who’s willing to help me find the person i was before? Can i find my way back? Sigh.