Have a Break. Have a Kitkat? ;)

Today, i took a break from work.

From the place i was imprisoned. Charot. Haha.

But seriously, having this break makes me feel good and free (although im sick. hehe). Having this fever today may be a sign that i should have time for myself. Time to have a rest even for a while. Today, i give my time on my hobbies that i am not able to do everyday because of being busy. Singing, dancing, blogging, drawing (i’ll bring out my creativeness in me!), eating (especially chocolates!!! pizzas and burgers XD) and ofcourse, falling asleep while watching TV (one of my favorites! :D). Who doesn’t want time to do this all? 😀

Now im hoping for more times like this where in times, i just enjoy doing nothing and sleeping.

Happy Long Weekend to me! XD



Lately, i have this feeling that im badly needing this SOMEONE.

Someone who could give joy and happiness to my stressed and lonely heart.

Someone who would be there when i need him to.

Someone who can and willing to understand me.

Someone i could be with.

Someone who could be my inspiration everyday.

Someone who can lighten up my mood.

Someone who can turn my dark gray nights into blue.

And lately, there’s this Man who i thought might be that someone.

But that someone cannot be the MAN.

Cause he already have his ONLY ONE.

And that i cannot be his SOMEONE.

I’ve been wanting to find him. But they say that i should let him find me.

Cause you don’t seek true happiness. It will eventually find you.

And if it found you, you will feel it by heart and soul.

I am hoping that this SOMEONE who could bring happiness will eventually find me SOON.

First Blog! ^_^

First blog on WordPress! Hello to everyone! I would like to stay anonymous in this site. Why? Well, just to protect my privacy as a normal person and so no one of my friends would know that i am the owner of this account. Haha. And so my friends wouldn’t know that i am a frustrated bloggeer XD. I like sharing my experiences to my friends even if they are not interested to it. I just LOVE sharing. Maybe this will be my online diary. I am afraid that no one would be interested to read the blogs that i will be posting but despite of that, i will still continue writing my experiences and everything that i wanted to share here. Haha. Sometimes i also find it hard to express into words what i feel. But i am going to do my best. Ok, enough for this first blog. You’ve had enough. ^.^