TAKEN. (For Granted)

So, i was chillin’ this saturday. Then i suddenly feel like blogging about a thing. It’s been a long time since i last posted. Haha. I feel like now i have a ME time because i was able to post something now. 🙂

So here’s the thing.

I just thought of the things which are TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

It’s sad that when we have such (good) things, we never realize its importance, until its GONE. And i think its a bad habit. I mean, yah, we always say that we should make the most of it while its ours. But sometimes it leads us taking it for granted.

Like the networks here in the Philippines. They always discover new love teams for the what we call “Teleserye” , movies and others here in the Philippines. Its great because it makes us “Kilig!” But the thing is, Filipinos also gets easily “Umay” if we see or watch them always or should i say everyday. Yes, the actors / actresses are good but the fact that we see it EVERYDAY, ugh. The sudden shine / lime light that the actors / actresses gets is always followed by a sudden darkness on their careers. And it is because the people who watches it are already bored and tired of it. And there is nothing new to watch.

My point here is, the networks are not using (sorry for the term) WISELY. When people get bored, you will not receive any support from them. Its just, ahm, they used them for a short good ratings. They did not invested to them on a long term basis. And when they got nothing from you, you will also get nothing from them.

Its just, i think, We always are losing the opportunity and value of a should have been long term investment by using it in a short period of time. And it becomes a waste.

Just, thought of it and i just wanna share it.